Dock Diving Houston TX

Come let your dog stretch those legs.

Dock Diving in Houston TX

Houston Dog Ranch is proud to announce our dog dock diving activities for canines who want to get more than just their paws wet! In a safe, supervised environment, your dog will be able to train for the Puppy Olympic gold medal in our full-length swimming lane. Perfect for dogs who need a bit more exercise in their life but might have joint issues as well as dogs that just love the water. Although first introduced as a sport in the 1990’s, it doesn’t need to be competitive when it comes to having fun while doing the doggy paddle!

The Next Big Thing.
Whether for Recreation or Training, come to the Ranch for a fun day of Dock Diving.

Whether coming for a relaxing swim, to conquer fears, to manage impulse control, or to practice for the big competition, join us for a day at the dock pool!

What is the Best Way to Dock Dive Train a Dog?

1) It’s Safe for Your Dog’s Body

At Houston Dog Ranch, we want your pooch to have fun, but more importantly, we want them to have fun while being safe. Dock diving is easy on the joints, and for dogs that have arthritis, it can help them feel like a young pup again. 


2) Agility and Sports

Although it doesn’t need to be competitive, dock diving is a great parallel activity to further enhance your dog’s agility. If your dog participates in coursing, shows, or other activities, dock diving will show benefits in these areas. 


3) Cool Off Those Paws

When it’s hot outside and the Texas sun seems eternal, is there anything better than a dip in some cool water? Although we operate a climate-controlled facility to keep your furry friend safe during even the hottest dog days of summer, we like to encourage getting a little vitamin D by jumping into the water! 


4) Help with Your Dog’s Behavior 

A well-exercised dog is one that’s not only better behaved but is even easier to train. Our professional dog trainers rave about the benefits of dock diving because the dogs always are calmer after their swims and then frequently will enjoy a nice, refreshing nap. 


Interested in scheduling a dock jumping session for your four-legged friend? Give us a call or email to learn more about how your dog can embrace their inner fish at Houston Dog Ranch!

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