Life is Good at the Lodge

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Welcome to The Lodge, Houston Dog Ranch’s newest luxury boarding accommodations and a place designed to make your dog's stay fun, low-stress, and unforgettable! All amenities are included when you book at the Lodge, and our unique set of personalized services and amenities will cater to your dog's every need.

For example, if your furry friend is highly social and likes to play with dog friends, stayovers at the Lodge can include twice as much social time. If, on the other hand, your dog prefers one-on-one time with a caring staff member, expanded individual play time will be included.

All dogs at the Lodge enjoy daily “adventure time”, which can involve anything from trying a new sport with our qualified trainers to partaking in a scavenger hunt, a special daily treat, and time with a different interactive toy each day.

Life is definitely good at the Lodge.

No “Ruffing” It Around Here

Centered around a courtyard and large, shady Oak tree, Rawhide Junction provides your dog a true ranch ambiance with all the modern-day perks and Houston Dog Ranch’s nurturing care included. Each of our climate-controlled, 8x8 private rustic cabins has its own porch and fenced-in yard, complete with K9 grass, and features deluxe amenities such as flat-screen TVs, ceiling fans, and the coziest of bedding.

Down the boardwalk past the Feed Store, you’ll find beautiful 8x4 bunkhouse options in the General Store, perfect for petite pups, and deluxe bunkhouses in the Saloon for those dogs who need more leg room.

From the Lonestar to the Lab Lounge, rest easy knowing your dog is provided plush bedding, lounging furniture, soothing music, and our trained staff will cater to your dog’s every need while you’re away.

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A Personal Note on Our Maximum Comfort Boarding

We offer a different kind of boarding experience at Houston Dog Ranch than many of our competitors, evident in the intentional measures we take for the well-being of your dog. Every dog boards differently, and we work to provide precisely what will best suit your dog’s individual needs.

We recognize that all dogs—even dogs who are the most comfortable with boarding—will experience some level of stress when they aren’t at home with their families. We’ve created our boarding environment to maximize comfort and minimize stress in every way:

Boarding families fill out an in-depth questionnaire, and we meet dogs before they board with us

Our shared-space buildings max out at eight dogs and include sound-barriers pony walls, as opposed to many facilities with hundreds of dogs under one loud, echoing roof which causes unwanted stress levels

More than half of our boarding options include private accommodations

We provide up to three playtimes daily, bones and treat-filled Kong ® toys to enhance physical stimulation, and puzzles and other games for mental stimulation

Houston Dog Ranch will include aromatherapy (lavender spray and/or scented plug-ins) free of charge if your dog is showing signs of stress.

We care about your dog and take every measure to ensure the best boarding experience possible!