Designed with your dog's every need in mind


It’s easy to forget how close to downtown Houston you are once you enter our privately gated property and discover our peaceful acres of lush, green grass for your dog to run and play on.

You’ll note our warm ambiance and nostalgic décor, where private cabins include inviting front porches for dog naps (although snoozes underneath the shady Oak tree are popular, too), and your dog’s tail will begin wagging at seeing our 38-foot, bone-shaped swimming pool.

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of the city and into an oasis, as intended, and you’ll begin to understand what we mean when we say that every aspect of Houston Dog Ranch has been designed with your dog in mind. 

“Houston Dog Ranch is like a home away from home for Louie.

As soon as Louie enters the ranch he literally leaps out of the car with excitement and anticipation! The accommodations are luxurious and the care and attention Louie receives is wonderful. There is no other place for our Louie.”

Ina P. & Louie

Welcome to our ranch family

Owned and Operated by Matt Bryant, known as The Texas Dogfather. Matt is a pioneer in science-based social behavior modification and developer of “The Family Language” training method.

What began more than 10 years ago as a vision to create a haven where dogs’ overall needs are met, continues today as our top-of-the-line facility. We incorporate the latest innovations specifically engineered to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort, and our trained staff works to quickly learn your dog’s name, likes and dislikes, personality traits, and individual needs in order to provide a personal level of care.

Any dog who comes to the ranch is not only made to feel at home, but truly becomes part of our Ranch Family. Welcome!


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“Everyone I've met at the Ranch has been so nice.

They remember dogs and owners and are cheerful and helpful. We've met some great dogs, made friends with owners, and had expert advice all along the way from warm, caring, and energetic trainers.”

Donna B. & Mario