Our Pricing

Houston's Premier Boarding Facility

Boarding Packages:

Our Calm Canine Package: $36/day: This package is for dogs who experience stress/anxiety when boarding. This package allows them to have some extra comfort while on their stay.

Cuddle time

Stuffed Kong or bone


Extra staff interactions

Convert to EN or chicken and rice plus a probiotic if they have diarrhea

White noise machines

Our Senior Comfort Care $36/day: This is for our senior guys and gals has reached golden years and still likes to participate in all their favorite activities just at a slower pace

Additional walks in shorter time increments – this helps reduce stress, body stiffness while providing stimulation in a safe and age-appropriate manner.

Cushioned padding for the cabin during the stay to rest any achy joints

Refreshing beauty bubble bath at the end of the stay to be ready to head home with their family

Daily senior selfies to send to mom, dad and other family members while I am on relaxing on the Ranch

Daily cuddle times


Active Dog $50/day: This package is for those good boys and girls who need a little more mental and physical stimulation they are here. Our trained staff will personalize enrichments and brain games with your pup!

Social times daily (with temp test) or two playtimes

Brain game daily

Exit bath

Boarding Add Ons:

Not just boarding. training. day care. grooming. PEACE OF MIND.