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Boarding Pricing

Discounted rates apply when multiple dogs of the same household board in the same room. 2nd dog is 25% off, 3rd and 4th are 50% off.
  • We require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. Deposits are transferable only to reservations 2 weeks prior to or after the original reservation date.

Boarding Add On Packages

Social Play while boarding and our À la carte services are the magic that transforms a boarding stay into a canine vacation.

Activity and Enrichment Package ($45/day)

Anxious/Nervous Dog Package ($25/day)

Senior Comfort Package ($35/day)

Our most inclusive package, perfect for most family dogs and the most fun your dog will ever have:
 -Daily Social Play: 4 hours per day of supervised social play with other dogs ($35/day value) and a free temperament test ($25 value). If playing with others isn’t the best fit for your active one, then we will substitute two supervised playtimes – just your dog romping with a staff member in a play yard – at no additional cost
-Daily Brain Game: A daily brain game (bobble treat dispenser toy or lick mat) ($5.00/day value)
-Stuff Kong or Bone: A loaded Kong daily ($8.00/day value)
-Last Man Out: Free late night check ($8.50 value) 
-Pup-tography: A picture of your pup emailed to you daily ($5.00/day value)
$61.50/day value (plus a free $25 temperament test) at a cost of only $45.00.
Have a nervous Nelly? We have just the thing to help calm her troubled waters:
-Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP)* ($8/day)
-Cuddle Time: Typically done just before bedtime as an affectionate, reassuring tuck-in ($10/day)
-Stuffed Kong or bone:  Because chewing is one of the best way for anxious dogs to relieve stress ($5/day)
-Thundershirt: (if desired): a snug shirt proven to lower anxiety in many dogs including (but not only) those suffering from thunder phobia ($5/day
Late Night Check in: one last human intervention hours after we have buttoned up for the night ($8.50)
-Extra staff check-in: Staff members will stop by and cuddle a few extra times per day (priceless)
-Homemade chicken and rice: If pup develops an upset tummy or is reluctant to eat, we will switch her to our homemade chicken and rice or an easily digestible food by E/N (depending on her preference) ($7)
-White noise machine:   A little background noise to soothe her nerves ($5/day)
$48.00/day value for only $25/day
Perfect for our less active, a little “long in the tooth” friends:
-Padding on the floor: Special rubber matting covering floor.  Easy on old joints and sanitized between uses ($5.00/day)
Freshen-up bath: (if needed)
-Daily Pictures: Daily picture, to reassure you that she is comfortable and happy ($5/day)
-Cuddle time: Min. two daily ten minute cuddle times to reassure her that you will be home soon ($20.00/day)
-Multiple short walks: 3-4 short walks – to stretch her legs without overdoing it ($18/day). 
$48.00/day value at a cost of only $35.00/day.  

*DAP is a pheromone (smell) emitted by momma dogs while they are nursing, which sprays periodically in her room. It takes many anxious dogs back to a warm, safe space and soothes them.

Not just boarding. training. day care. grooming. PEACE OF MIND.