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Looking for the Best Place to Board a Dog in Houston?

Then look no further than Houston Dog Ranch! We’ve always set the standard when it comes to the care of our four-legged family, and it’s never been more important than now. Our talented team of canine experts is committed to the holistic care of your dog by constantly evaluating the best products and protocols available. 

We keep our dog boarding facility in Houston squeaky-clean by implementing rigorous scrub-downs. Every area is cleaned daily, starting from where they lay their heads down at night to where they run and play in the morning. Houston Dog Ranch strives to keep your furry companion healthy, happy, and fresh so they can enjoy their vacation with us to the maximum! 

While boarding your dog in Houston with us, you have the option to have your pup participate in monitored open play so that they get the exercise they need under the caring eyes of our trained staff. The folks at Houston Dog Ranch understand you’re not just leaving a dog with us, your dog is a family member and they are getting a vacation also. As dog owners and lovers ourselves, we get what’s most important: Safety, Excitement, Care and FUN!

Utilizing our behavioral expertise, we ensure the safest and most enriching stay for every dog.

Every room is climate controlled, we can also provide special attention such as addressing thunder phobia and separation anxiety, and we offer discounts for multiple dogs in the same accommodation.


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Our Dedication to Canine Care and Safety

Houston Dog Ranch doesn’t tolerate unfriendly or unsafe conditions. Our commitment to only the finest experience for your dog is based around:

Trained and Certified Dog Experts: All areas are supervised by our trained staff who know how to handle dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Canine Health Check: We do a snout to tail health check on each dog that enters our facility and repeat those daily to ensure the health of each dog in our care.

Animal-Safe Cleaning Regimens: Play areas as well as sleeping and eating areas are cleaned multiple times a day. We perform our cleaning with only dog-safe products to keep your pet healthy and happy.

If you’re looking to put your pooch up in style, then reach out to Houston Dog Ranch today and discover the best dog boarding service in Texas.

Scheduling Dog Boarding in Houston

If you’re ready to board your dog in Houston’s greatest canine hotel, then give us a call any day of the week, and our scheduling team will take good care of you. Make sure to bring any special medication, food, or bedding that your dog might need. As every dog is unique, we want to emphasize the importance of their individual care.

At Houston Dog Ranch, we’re dedicated to providing only the best experience possible for the four-legged family member you entrust us with. We’re looking forward to seeing them here! 

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