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It would have been infinitely easier and cheaper to build a big metal building with concrete floors and common ventilation (think air-born pathogens), but our goal from day 1 was to set the standard and pioneer a level of care never seen before in the dog boarding industry.

Private Cabins

Semi Private Bunk Houses

Zen Dens

(Boarding in an office with Staff)
Dog Boarding

All of our accommodations feature:

  • Private Court Yards
  • Climate Controlled
  • Cleaning and Sanitization Daily
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Flatscreen TV’s or Music
  • Tile or Wood Veneer Floors

Boarding Add On Packages

Social Play while boarding and our À la carte services are the magic that transforms a boarding stay into a canine vacation.

Activity and Enrichment Package ($45/day)

Anxious/Nervous Dog Package ($25/day)

Senior Comfort Package ($35/day)

Our most inclusive package, perfect for most family dogs and the most fun your dog will ever have:
 -Daily Social Play: 4 hours per day of supervised social play with other dogs ($35/day value) and a free temperament test ($25 value). If playing with others isn’t the best fit for your active one, then we will substitute two supervised playtimes – just your dog romping with a staff member in a play yard – at no additional cost
-Daily Brain Game: A daily brain game (bobble treat dispenser toy or lick mat) ($5.00/day value)
-Stuff Kong or Bone: A loaded Kong daily ($8.00/day value)
-Last Man Out: Free late night check ($8.50 value) 
-Pup-tography: A picture of your pup emailed to you daily ($5.00/day value)
$61.50/day value (plus a free $25 temperament test) at a cost of only $45.00.
Have a nervous Nelly? We have just the thing to help calm her troubled waters:
-Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP)* ($8/day)
-Cuddle Time: Typically done just before bedtime as an affectionate, reassuring tuck-in ($10/day)
-Stuffed Kong or bone:  Because chewing is one of the best way for anxious dogs to relieve stress ($5/day)
-Thundershirt: (if desired): a snug shirt proven to lower anxiety in many dogs including (but not only) those suffering from thunder phobia ($5/day
Late Night Check in: one last human intervention hours after we have buttoned up for the night ($8.50)
-Extra staff check-in: Staff members will stop by and cuddle a few extra times per day (priceless)
-Homemade chicken and rice: If pup develops an upset tummy or is reluctant to eat, we will switch her to our homemade chicken and rice or an easily digestible food by E/N (depending on her preference) ($7)
-White noise machine:   A little background noise to soothe her nerves ($5/day)
$48.00/day value for only $25/day
Perfect for our less active, a little “long in the tooth” friends:
-Padding on the floor: Special rubber matting covering floor.  Easy on old joints and sanitized between uses ($5.00/day)
Freshen-up bath: (if needed)
-Daily Pictures: Daily picture, to reassure you that she is comfortable and happy ($5/day)
-Cuddle time: Min. two daily ten minute cuddle times to reassure her that you will be home soon ($20.00/day)
-Multiple short walks: 3-4 short walks – to stretch her legs without overdoing it ($18/day). 
$48.00/day value at a cost of only $35.00/day.  

*DAP is a pheromone (smell) emitted by momma dogs while they are nursing, which sprays periodically in her room. It takes many anxious dogs back to a warm, safe space and soothes them.

Boarding Prices

Discounted rates apply when multiple dogs of the same household board in the same room. 2nd dog is 25% off, 3rd and 4th are 50% off.

  • We require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. Deposits are transferable only to reservations 2 weeks prior to or after the original reservation date.


         The following Holidays require a 3-Day minimum “Peak Period” Reservation:

         Memorial Weekend

         Labor Day


         New Year’s


Fun and Peace of Mind is What the Dog Ranch is all about!

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