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Houston Dog Ranch has partnered with the behavioral experts at The Texas Dogfather to provide the highest level of behavioral dog training available in Houston. From basic obedience to behavioral issues such as Separation Anxiety and Socialization, we have the team to solve for all of your training needs.

Dog Training Houston TX

Dog training in Houston, TX is an essential component of canine ownership, and it’s never too early or too late to start. Training a dog builds self-assurance for you as a responsible owner and provides your pooch the mental and physical stimulation their brain needs. Your relationship will strengthen, as dogs are always learning. 

Timid and anxious dogs will benefit even more from training. The sense of accomplishment provides them with the reassurance that they can function properly in our ever-modernizing world, and they get to spend more time with the people they care about most when behaving properly. 

Will Dog Training Help My Dog’s Behavior?

Dog training in Houston can be challenging for those who don’t understand the basics. Thankfully, our staff of long-time trainers and dog owners have seen it all. From chewing behaviors to messy digging, this “bad” behavior is typically an expression of a dog’s natural instincts that have yet to properly be expressed through regular exercise and training. 

Dogs don’t have a concept of “morality” in regards to how humans see the world. A dog that misbehaves has no premeditated, malicious intent, and they cannot think, “Hmm, what can I do today to make my owner mad?” If a dog is allowed to chew things at will, it will naturally move on to destroying your other belongings. If a dog learns that barking loud enough and long enough gets it food or toys, then it will do so. It doesn’t have a job or a family to tend to, so what’s stopping it? The answer is boundaries and training.

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Utilizing the Family Language, we elevate Dog Training to Dog Parenting.


Our expert staff will help your dog develop the social skills necessary to interact with other dogs and humans in a healthy manner.  Whether at home, on a walk, or at the bar, we will make sure that you are ready for the next meet and greet.

Our Socialization Program address:

Dog Socialization

dog parenting 101

We utilize science based methods to establish a healthy and effective parent-dog relationship.  By interacting with your dog in a fun, easy, and specific way every day, you will learn to deeply enrich your relationship and gain the influence needed to guide your dog through important behavioral choices.

Our Dog Parenting Programs address:

Dog Parenting 101

Our training method

the family language

The Family Language is a method of behavioral understanding and hands on execution developed by Matt Bryant and his team over the past 20 years. The method is built on science and relies on family instincts as a form of positive reinforcement. This reliance on instincts results in a highly rewarding, effective, and consistent approach optimal for wide scale application such as that needed by Best Friends. Over the past decade Matt Bryant and his team have utilized the Family Language to help thousands of dogs across the country, by working with both individuals and organizations to better understand and manage the human-dog relationship. That work has included supporting more basic behavioral situations such as obedience, anxiety, leash reactivity, and pair-bonding, as well as addressing more advanced challenges such as dog aggression and trauma.

What is the Best Way to Train a Dog?

Our professional dog trainers in Houston use positive reinforcement, which consists of giving your dog rewards in a punctual, specific manner for “proper” behaviors and performances of skill. Dog trainers in Houston that use aggressive, violent training methods do great harm to the psychology of a dog, and they worsen anxiety and aggression.

When to Start Training a Dog

Socializing, training, and exposure to new things are essential to a puppy from the moment you get one. Puppies between the ages of 5 and 16 weeks are in their most moldable mental state. The best dog trainers from around Texas at Houston Dog Ranch know how to make the most of this training window so that your pup’s well-behaved manners are cemented by early adulthood. 

The balance between keeping your puppy safe from danger (which can lead to anxiety) while still exposing them to new sights, sounds, and sensations is a delicate one. Trusting your dog’s training in Houston to the best in the business takes the burden and worry from your mind! 

No matter if your dog already knows basic commands or is fresh to training, Houston Dog Ranch is happy to help make the experience of training a dog a smooth one. To learn more about enrolling your pooch in our Houston dog training programs, call or email us today

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