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Houston Dog Ranch has behavioral experts to provide the highest level of behavioral dog training available in Houston. From basic obedience to behavioral issues such as Separation Anxiety and Socialization, we have the team to solve all of your training needs.

Dog Training Houston TX

Dog training is an essential component of canine ownership, and it’s never too early or too late to start. Training a dog builds self-assurance for you as a responsible owner and provides your pooch the mental and physical stimulation their brain needs. Your relationship will strengthen, as dogs are always learning. 

How will dog training improve my relationship with my dog?

Here at HDR we believe that the principal goal of all dog training or behavioral modification is to remove the frustrations often felt by owners (and their dogs) over how the dog behaves in specific situations, and instead for dog and human to come to an acceptable agreement as to how those situations will be handled. For example, many dogs excitedly greet guest by jumping on them. Many owners feel anxious when this happens because they know that lots of folks don’t want to be jumped on by someone else’s dog, particularly when wearing nice clothes. For dogs, jumping is an attention seeking behavior that, from the point of view of the dog, always works to either produce positive attention (preferred) or negative attention (still better than no attention). We help your dog understand that when he jumps, all attention will cease, and when he doesn’t, he will be showered with positive attention. That way you and your dog have an agreement about how strangers will be greeted and the frustration previously felt by you and the dog disappears.

What behaviors do you address and what method do you use?

We are experts at addressing just about anything that can cause friction in your relationship with your dog including: mouthing, jumping, leash pulling, reactivity to other people or dogs, destructive behaviors, and typical pet obedience behaviors like sit, down, stay, place and come when called. Our programs include 3 and 4 week board and trains, private lessons, and class. All methods are with a strong emphasis on setting the dog up for success and rewarding them with positive reinforcement.

What is the Best Way to Train a Dog?

 Dog trainers in Houston that use aggressive, violent training methods do great harm to the psychology of a dog, which worsen anxiety and aggression.

When to Start Training a Dog

Socializing, training, and exposure to new things are essential to a puppy from the moment you get one. Puppies between the ages of 5 and 16 weeks are in their most moldable mental state. The dog trainers at Houston Dog Ranch know how to make the most of this training window so that your pup’s well-behaved manners are cemented by early adulthood. 

The balance between keeping your puppy safe from danger (which can lead to anxiety) while still exposing them to new sights, sounds, and sensations is a delicate one. Trusting your dog’s training to the best in the business takes the burden and worry from your mind! 

No matter if your dog already knows basic commands or is fresh to training, Houston Dog Ranch is happy to help make the experience of training your dog a smooth one. To learn more about enrolling your pooch in our Houston dog training programs. call or email us today

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