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Looking for the Number-One Dog Daycare in Houston?

Look no further than Houston Dog Ranch, where we’re dedicated to providing five-star service for your furry family member. As a fully-equipped boarding facility with grooming and training amenities, our comprehensive wellness focus sees that your pooch is spoiled like a superstar. Our kind team of canine experts is thoroughly vetted and trained to provide man’s best friend the healthy, safe, and fun environment that they deserve.

Dog Daycare Services in Houston

We understand that it’s not healthy to leave a dog alone. Bring your furry friend to Houston Dog Ranch where they can enjoy our modern, hygienic facilities and make new friends while you take care of things worry-free. Your dog will be supervised as they play in an open space with other dogs based on their size and have been evaluated for positive temperament. 

Is your dog getting a little long in the coat or nail? Then during your dog’s daycare stay, schedule some time for them to freshen up in our spa. Our boarding packages can include whatever level of grooming you require, from a casual cleanup all the way to dog show dashing. 

When you’re boarding with us for the first time, we recommend that you bring them in on a day prior to your scheduled boarding time so that we can evaluate their behavior and so that they can get a feel of our facility. If you’re interested in seeing what your dog’s getting up to while you’re away, we provide webcam access to our playrooms that you can log into from any PC or smartphone.

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The Right Fit.

Our Expert Behaviorists will work with you to determine the ideal Daycare type for your dog.

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This scale allows us to understand a dog’s current level of socialization, and help develop a plan for growth to the next level











Scheduling Dog Daycare in Houston

If you’re ready to board your dog in Houston’s greatest canine hotel, then give us a call any day of the week, and our scheduling team will take good care of you. Make sure to bring any special medication, food, or bedding that your dog might need. As every dog is unique, we want to emphasize the importance of their individual care.

At Houston Dog Ranch, we’re dedicated to providing only the best experience possible for the four-legged family member you entrust us with. We’re looking forward to seeing them here! 

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