Dog Separation Anxiety Training in Houston

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Nobody wants to hear their dog whine; it can really tug at the heartstrings in all the wrong ways. However, when a dog starts to pout the moment you close the front door behind you, there’s a good chance that they’re suffering from an anxiety condition. Separation anxiety can seem to creep up from nowhere, but stressors have been internalized by your furry family member, and they’re now making them act out in desperation. Fortunately, the separation anxiety dog training professionals at Houston Dog Ranch are equipped with the knowledge to help your dog become and remain consistently relaxed. 


6 Signs of Dog Separation Anxiety 


Although the untrained eye might simply perceive a “playful” or “silly” dog, there are some key traits that anxiety-laden pups all share and should be accounted for: 

1) Pacing, Whining, and Trembling 

When you get your keys and prepare to leave the house, your dog starts to pace. When your hand is on the doorknob, they start to whine. As you step across the threshold, they tremble thinking that you’re leaving forever. 

2) Howling and Barking 

When you hear your dog calling out when not in the home, or maybe just even in another room, that’s a sign that something is amiss with their anxiety levels. 

3) Destruction of the Home

Digging and chewing are both natural dog behaviors. However, when you start finding them digging around fences or carpets and chewing around windows and doors rather than with their toys, then it’s a sign they’re anxious. 

4) Accidents on the Floor

If your dog is potty trained, it’s not typical to see accidents on the floor unless something is wrong. Dogs are just like humans with anxiety in this way: they experience stomach and bathroom issues when under stress. 

5) Excessive Panting and Drool

Hyperventilation is common in mammals that have anxiety, and dogs are no different. If your dog is panting despite not having exercised and is drooling despite not having seen or eaten any food recently, that could be a sign they’re under some serious mental stress. 

6) Escape 

The most desperate of dogs will attempt to escape the home or yard in an attempt to find you. They love you, of course, but their anxiety can drive them to behaviors that put them in danger in the human world. 

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Don’t feel helpless as your dog sits by and suffers in a chronically anxious state. Houston Dog Ranch is staffed by professionals in the dog training industry that specialize in behavioral issues such as separation anxiety. One of the most common reasons a family gives up a dog is because they display the behaviors above, but they can certainly be fixed to the benefit of all. Give us a call or email today to schedule a consultation! 

While boarding your dog in Houston with us, they’ll participate in monitored open-play so that they get the exercise they need under the caring eyes of our trained staff. The folks at Houston Dog Ranch understand that you’re not just leaving a dog with us but boarding a family member. As dog owners and lovers ourselves, we get what’s most important: care.

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