The Importance of Nail Trimming for Dogs


More than just avoiding the clicking on your kitchen floor, trimming your dog’s nails is critical to their overall health and well-being. When a dog is young, nails left to their own devices will grow and break, especially in drier climates, leading to decreased traction, infection risks, and even worse.


How Often Should a Dog’s Nails Be Trimmed?

As the importance of regularly trimming a dog’s nails cannot be overstated, you should aim to trim approximately every two weeks. Attempt to never let a dog’s nails grow for longer than four weeks without trimming them at maximum. Thankfully, a bi-monthly pedi for your pooch will make the process easier, and quicker, and allow your dog to be used to the sounds and sensations of nail trimming. Also, needing to trim off less nail reduces the chances of you clipping the dog’s quick.

The quick is what delivers nutrients via capillaries that allow the nail to grow. However, it is also full of nerve endings, and the fact of the matter is that clipping it will cause your dog to have issues with pain and bleeding, not to mention cause them fear regarding the nail trimming process. Everyone knows that it isn’t fun trying to get a dog to do something they’re fearful of, so that’s why we’ve put together some tips to help make your dog’s grooming experience a positive one!


6 Tips for Trimming a Dog’s Nails

1. Make sure your clippers are sharp. Test the blade edge and replace them as needed.

2. Change up the way you use your clippers by trimming at different angles and trim less to avoid hitting the quick.

3. Use a dremel. These spinning nail sanders are favored by some dogs who fear clippers. Experiment to see which is favored by your pooch.

4. Soften nails with water before trimming them. Softer nails are easier to cut and won’t cause as much trouble.

5. Ask your veterinarian about sedatives. Dogs with particularly anxious personalities can benefit from certain medications and techniques when it’s time for trimming their nails.

6. Hire a local dog grooming professional. Houston Dog Ranch is staffed with experienced dog groomers who understand the importance of trimming a dog’s nails. Having your dog’s nails trimmed by our staff will make sure that your furry friend has the best possible experience!


Dog Nail Trimming in Houston, Texas

Whether you’re interested in giving your dog the full spa experience they deserve or are just looking for affordable and effective canine nail care services, Houston Dog Ranch has you covered! We also offer dog training, boarding, and other services to those looking for the best for their companion. Contact us by phone or email today to learn more about what we can do for you and your dog and to schedule any much-needed grooming!

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