The Importance of Nail Trimming for Dogs


The Importance of Nail Trimming for Dogs More than just avoiding the clicking on your kitchen floor, trimming your dog’s nails is critical to their overall health and well-being. When a dog is young, nails left to their own devices will grow and break, especially in drier climates, leading to decreased traction, infection risks, and […]

Leash Training for Dogs

light haired dog on leash

Leash Training for Dogs As many people know, all, because your dog is on a leash, doesn’t magically make them well-behaved or easy to manage. Teaching a dog how to walk on a loose leash is important because it not only will reflect better on you as a good owner, but it will also allow […]

5 Tips to Stop a Dog Pulling on Its Leash

don on leash looking at his owner

5 Tips to Stop a Dog Pulling on Its Leash Dogs and their humans don’t always have the same agenda as one another when it comes time to go for a walk. Most people tend to stick to the sidewalk in an orderly fashion, but their dog may suddenly decide to make its own trail. […]

5 Most Popular Dog Training Methods

woman hugging her chocolate lab

5 Most Popular Dog Training Methods There are seemingly countless popular ways to train a dog, so it isn’t surprising that finding the right one for you can seem difficult. Since Houston Dog Ranch knows you’re trying to be the best pet parent you can be, we put together a list of well-known dog training […]

5 Solutions for a Puppy Barking in a Crate

Beagle sitting in training crate

5 Solutions for a Puppy Barking in a Crate Nobody likes to hear a dog whine, especially when they’re an innocent puppy. Still, some pooches are more sensitive than others when it comes to the nuances of crate training. Rather than resorting to living with earplugs, here are a few tips for solving why your […]

Dog Aggression Training in Houston

dog growling at woman to protect female owner

Dog Separation Anxiety Training in Houston When you share a home with an aggressive dog, things can feel tense and even frightening. Nobody brings a dog into their life and expects them to bark menacingly, lunge aggressively, or worst of all, bite painfully. Finding a quality dog aggression trainer in Houston can be difficult. That’s […]