Dog Grooming Houston TX

Comfort and Style.

At the ranch.

At the ranch.

Whether your pup is here for a day in daycare, a weekend of boarding, or if you'd just like a convenient drop off, we are ready to care for your dog's grooming needs. Our highly trained staff is knowledgable in all types of grooming services. From a wash for your lab, a dashed for your huskie, or a full haircut for your poodle, we are here and ready to help!

At your home.

At your home.

What could be less stressfull for you and your dog than having grooming come to you?! No more anxious car rides for a haircut, just a quick walk down the driveway. With our recurring schedule system, your pup will never miss the pampering of spa day!

Dog Grooming Services in Houston TX

Houston Dog Ranch is a cut above the rest of the competition (tail included!) because we specialize in the elegant art of making your pooch look pristine. Regardless if your furry friend is getting ready for a show or just in need of a little TLC, our team of Houston dog groomers will always make your pet look the best!

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Please call if you have any questions or for pricing. We hope to see you soon!

basic bath

Nothing basic about this bath!  Our staff is ready to give your pup and outstanding quality wash.  Our bath includes…

bath and trim

Our pet stylists are here to help keep things clean and tidy!  The bath and trim is a great option for pups requiring a little more attention, including…

cut and style

Ready to turn heads in the neighborhood?!  Our pet stylysts are fully versed in all types of grooming techniques.  Each groom is customized for your pup’s breed-specific style needs.  Have a doodle, schnoodle, malti-poo, or cavachon?  We are ready to help you show the other dogs what real fashion is all about! 

add ons

Additional services that you can include…

Why Is It Important to Groom My Dog?

Just like keeping your own body clean helps prevent germs and viruses from entering it, so too will your pet be protected with regular grooming. Baths that include nail trimming will help keep your dog’s paws from being sources of textile destruction or from accidentally ripping any skin. 

De-shedding for particularly hairy breeds is an absolute must because it prevents painful matting of the undercoat. Plus, dogs love the feeling of an extra-deep brushing and blow-drying along their fur! We are also able to “hand strip” hair from a dog’s body, which is the process of removing dead hairs from the coats of non-shedding canines. Certain dog breeds require this unique grooming technique so as to stay happy and healthy!

We’re able to handle ticks and fleas as well, though do make sure to tell us if you’re aware of any pests on your buddy beforehand. Our Houston dog groomers use only the best pet-friendly soaps, conditioners, and other products to deliver the results that your furry pal deserves! 

Canine Oral Hygiene

Dog grooming in Houston doesn’t stop at the fur; our talented staff of dog grooming experts knows how to take care of your dog’s oral hygiene as well. We offer teeth brushing services that keep your canine’s chompers look and stay healthy, and indulging your pet with the experience will also help their breath! 

Ready to stop fussing all day with your pet’s fur? Leave your loveable fuzzball with the people who live for it! Call us today to schedule an appointment with our master dog groomers and learn more about our services. 

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